1. Click here to download the standalone version of CPC2. For the version supports Python3 please click here.

2. How to install the CPC2 standalone version?

  • Pre-requisite: Biopython package
  • Install:
    a. Unpack the tarball:
    tom@linux$ gzip -dc CPC2-beta.tar.gz | tar xf -
    b. Build third-part packages:
    tom@linux$ cd CPC2-beta
    tom@linux$ export CPC_HOME="$PWD"
    tom@linux$ cd libs/libsvm
    tom@linux$ gzip -dc libsvm-3.18.tar.gz | tar xf -
    tom@linux$ cd libsvm-3.18
    tom@linux$ make clean && make

3. How to run CPC2 stabdalone version?

    tom@linux$ cd $CPC_HOME && python ./bin/CPC2.py -i input.fa -o output.txt